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Executive risk is a complicated and multi-faceted financial exposure. We make sure you’re covered.

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Professional Liability Insurance to Protect You from Exposure

Individuals at your company are personally exposed to potential liability for their actions, from management decision-making to employee welfare to fiduciary activities. Your company has its own liability exposure, as well as a payment obligation for individuals.


Professional Liability Insurance Specialists

We understand this personal financial risk, as well as the risk to your organization’s balance sheet. Our specialists include top-notch brokers with exceptional market knowledge and insurer relationships, technical insurance specialists with unsurpassed product knowledge, legal liability specialists at the forefront of executive risk issues, and claims attorneys who provide insight and advice both before and after claims are made.


Creative Professional Liability Insurance Solutions

Our team is a full-service, product-driven specialization with powerful market leverage. We have earned a reputation for providing unmatched expertise in developing precise, creative and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Management Professional Claims

Our dedicated team of specialty claims advocates and lawyers is strongly positioned to work closely with you throughout the claims process.

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