With construction costs on the rise, wrap-ups are an efficient way for contractors and owners to realize premium savings, improve coverage terms and limits, and hedge against rate increases.

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Pay less in insurance premium and potential litigation costs

Wrap-ups offer cost savings, better coverage, more control, and higher limits than a traditional insurance program. A wrap-up reduces the number of insurance carriers on a project to just one or two. This means that should a claim occur, the owner or contractor controlling the insurance project will have a more streamlined claims process with a limited number of insurance adjusters and lawyers involved in the claim. Cross litigation is also dramatically reduced due to the fewer insurance carriers participating on a project.

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Our wrap-up services are tailored to each contractor, owner, and project

By utilizing cutting-edge program design, feasibility studies, on-site enrollment and training, loss control, claims administration, medical cost containment, and our proprietary RMIS system, our wrap-up offerings are fully customizable.

Wrap-Up Solutions

[{"key":"37800337-6cf5-4f2f-917e-e8fa511d264b","name":"Text area","ncContentTypeAlias":"aTextArea","PropType":null,"aText":"Alliant Construction Services Group is highly experienced in placing and administering contractor controlled wrap-up programs. A CCIP is an insurance program that protects the general contractor, its subcontractors and the project owner from third party general and workers’ compensation claims.\n"},{"key":"e3f8cfd5-71c3-4d67-a17e-bbf738eadd10","name":"Text area","ncContentTypeAlias":"aTextArea","PropType":null,"aText":"Alliant offers a turnkey CCIP solution that includes not only risk advisory, placement and administration, but also an educational and sales support function to assist in educating all relevant parties. To fully maximize the potential of a wrap-up, successful contractors count on Alliant for program design, implementation and administration.\nEmploying a CCIP allows the general contractor to control and manage the overall safety program of the projects included in the wrap-up. CCIPs are typically more cost effective than traditional insurance and provide a wide array of benefits to all the stakeholders involved in the project: "}] For More Information
Seth Madnick Senior Vice President 492.480.3850 Email Seth
Seth Madnick Senior Vice President 492.480.3850 Email Seth
Seth Madnick Senior Vice President 492.480.3850 Email Seth
Seth Madnick Senior Vice President 492.480.3850 Email Seth
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